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NPR [sound recording] : the first 40 years

A celebration of this anniversary milestone, featuring both new content and some of the most historic and iconic moments in NPR's first forty years on the air. Various artists. Compact disc Disc 1. May Day demonstration in Washington against the Vietnam War -- Life Savers give off sparks -- Special coverage of President Nixon's resignation -- Nazi demonstration at Marquette Park -- Robert Krulwich and the $5 bill -- Aftermath of Three Mile Island -- John Henry Faulk on the bicentennial -- Pickle ranch: family run -- Life at the South Pole -- Sunset. Disc 2. Watching a solar eclipse with your head in a box -- Revolution in Prague -- Fridays with Red: a retrospective -- Miniskirt: fashion industry mistake -- Little Richard, the quasar of rock -- Yuppie anguish: a concept for the '80s -- Jim Crow: blacks survived with dignity -- Challenger disaster -- Roger Boisjoly, Morton Thiokol engineer -- Goodbye, Saigon. Disc 3. Driving lesson with Click and Clack -- Clarence Thomas accused of sexual harassment -- Prom night -- Dorothy West and the Harlem Renaissance -- Rwanda carnage claims over 500,000 lives -- President Clinton interview -- Objects of affection -- Chris Rock interview -- Adolescence in war-torn Bosnia -- Santaland diaries. Disc 4. Planet money: giant pool of money -- A bit of a chat with Dame Edna -- Change has come -- Vernon Jordan on politics, Obama and civil rights -- September 11, 2001 -- StoryCorps: wives, daughters, mothers -- War update: view from Baghdad -- Katrina: the Chertoff interview -- Stuck and suicidal in post-Katrina trailer park -- April Fool's: New England suffers maple woes -- Couple frantic to find loved ones in rubble -- Safety, prosperity return to Afghan village. ;

Место издания[St. Paul, MN]
ИздательствоHighbridge Audio
Дата издания2010
Язык<нет данных>
National Public Radio (U.S.) • HISTORY
Radio programs • UNITED STATES
Radio talk shows • UNITED STATES
ИсточникЦентр Американской культуры
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МестонахождениеЦентр американской культуры (3 этаж)
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