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Filly Brown

Cast : Gina Rodriguez, Edward James Olmos, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jenni Rivera. DVD release of the 2012 motion picture. English or Spanish dialogue; Spanish subtitles. Inspiring portrait of a young woman striving to find her voice, without compromising herself or the fate of her family. Majo Tonorio, 'Filly Brown', is a young hip-hop artist from Los Angeles. With her mother in prison and her father struggling to provide for his daughters, Filly knows that a record contract just may be the answer to her family's financial problems. So when a record producer offers her a shot at stardom, she has to choose between selling out her dreams, or saving her family. ;

Место изданияUSA
ИздательствоPantelion ; Lionsgate
Дата изданияc2012
Язык<нет данных>
Предметная рубрикаFAMILIES • DRAMA
Feature films
Hip-hop • DRAMA
ИсточникЦентр Американской культуры
Доступновзять на дом

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